Last Open House….For Awhile

Counters are clean, tubs are scoured, tops have been dusted.  Just have to vacuum the carpets, sweep the floors, clean out the dishwasher, handwash a couple dishes and a few other final touches. Sure, this is a weekly routine for everyone. That’s nothing new. Just the fact that it has to be so damn perfect so people are impressed is what I find to be exhausting. This is our open house/showing routine.

I went through last night and rearranged some of the cabinets so people could see how much room there was and cleared my kitchen countertops off. I suppose people like that. Here sOpen Houseoon, we’ll have this whole place cleared out. Not sure if that will hurt or help us. (The way it’s staged is nice, but perhaps it would be better for people to vision it without our furniture).

Blogging through this has been somewhat helpful to me, although the reason I’ve been doing it isn’t to have an outlet to complain and vent. It’s to help someone else. If my blog comes up in a search for what it’s like to go through selling a house, I’d like them to know how it really works. Or at least when you’re pressed for time and need something to happen soon.

The two of us have come up with a final game plan, so if it doesn’t sell, it will be okay. That’s calmed a lot of my worries. Now I’m just ready to move.

We took a look at our new place yesterday without the now previous in it. I fell in love in love with it harder than I ever have before. It still doesn’t feel real to me. I don’t think it will until we’re in it. Or when I have that first drive to work that literally cuts my commute by over half. Or the first night our windows are open and I can just see the city lit up.

But right now our focus is this house. Today. Then tomorrow, and for the next couple weeks, it will be packing and purging.

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