Feedback Schmeedback

Well good news, heard back from our realtor about yesterday’s showing. Bad news, however, was they liked it except for the carpet.

Reoccurring theme here, that we were anticipating.

You see, we put the house on the market at a lower price because we thought someone would prefer to put in their own carpet. Whatever they wanted.

Looks like that’s just not what buyers are interested in.

Our realtor thinks we should consider getting estimates. I’m sure I’m more stressed about it than my fiancé is. And in the end, it raises the value EVEN more for us.

I mean the place has a brand new roof, gutters, window screens, dishwasher, upgraded brushed nickel finishes, custom lighting, ceiling fans in each room, etc., it’s a steal for what we have it listed as.

Although people are going to only see what’s wrong, what they’ll have to fix. I can’t say I blame them. I just wonder why people don’t want to take advantage of a low price and do it themselves. Probably because they don’t have it upfront.

I just wonder if we fix the flooring, what else won’t they like?

We don’t want to do a credit for the flooring because then you have to completely set it up with the contractor. We can’t just give the buyer money.

So I suppose we will replace it ourselves.

Increase the value.

Then hope like hell it sells.

We have another open house this Sunday, maybe someone will bite before we do some serious work.

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