Just When I Thought I’d Experienced It All

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve shown the house. It’s actually been nice because I haven’t got my hopes up on anything. Just relaxed and started to enjoy the thought of where we’re going to move. Although then the thought of paying double crosses my mind, sends me into a mini panic, then I’m reminded that we’ve been through this before and know we can make it work. However, it takes away my excitement of moving.

Side note, if I haven’t conveyed it enough, I’m beyond ready to move. I’ve been ready for years. I think I’m the only person on the face of the planet actually excited to be moving. I’m elated. I’m elated about where we are going to live. There’s just this big cloud sitting over my head….getting this house sold.

After numerous showings, pretty much everyone has really liked it. There was a couple a few weeks ago that wasn’t feeling the split floor plan. Which is fine, you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

I’m just really getting pretty exhausted of this “keeping the house in tip top shape” all the time.

I know, I chose to do this though. It’s not happening for no reason. 

And even though we keep it in decent shape, it’s not perfect. That’s what makes days like today, when there’s a showing on the books, even more exhausting. I’ve gone with the approach to make the place as exceptional as I possibly can. I want it immaculate in here. Even when there isn’t any clutter, it’s a pain.

Living RoomIt took me about three hours today, just because I was working by myself while he tackled the garage. Just all the usual scrubbing, scouring, sweeping, dusting and getting into all the spots. They really don’t know it, but I bust my ass for people coming to see our house. I want to show them what it is at it’s full potential. I think that’s why I get so let down when we don’t get any offers or second showings.

Today in particular I’m getting pretty pissed at myself for being so let down.

We had a showing scheduled for 3:30 p.m., and I’ve been going at it in here for hours. I was rushed to the last minute, shoving the cat in her cat carrier, and with two minutes to spare were getting ready to walk out the door when we got a call.

They cancelled.


Okay, they were sick. That’s fine. I understand. But really? You weren’t sick yesterday when you scheduled it? You weren’t sick two hours ago? You weren’t sick even a half hour ago?

I know. I don’t know what their circumstances are. It could even have been an emergency, which I hope isn’t what’s happening.

It doesn’t still mean I’m let down.

I didn’t even really have my hopes to begin with on this one.

Selling a house really sucks sometimes. I don’t know why they aren’t showing this side of it on TV shows. That’s why I’m pouring it all into this blog, in case anyone finds it. Just know it’s full of let downs. Eventually we’ll get an offer though, I’m not doubting it. It would just be really convenient if it was sooner, rather than later. It’s crunch time.

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