Weight Watchers, It Just Works

After years and years of trying to lose weight, there’s one thing I know that truly works. Weight Watchers. It isn’t instant, but it goes along the lines of “slow and steady wins the race.” It trains you how to eat and isn’t gross. When thinking about being on a diet, you think of super small portions, salads, carb cutting, etc.

That’s not the case with Weight Watchers. You just have to learn foods, learn what you like and balance your day. For instance I started my day with my juice and yogurt for a couple points. For lunch I had a sandwich with turkey, lettuce and banana peppers along with grapes, applesauce and jello. On my way home to hold me over, I ate a banana. (Zero points, by the way).Then for dinner I had eight chicken nuggets, a Lean Cuisine macaroni and cheese and four devil’s food cookies.

Usually for me, I keep my breakfast, lunch and snack consistent and loosen it up for dinner.

I started it back up again on Thursday and I’ve been thinking about food a lot, but over the last three months I didn’t care what I ate or of how much. You have to rein it in. So probably come next week, I won’t get so ancy over what I can and cannot eat. Because if you plan it right, you’ll be surprised what you can have. You just have to plan. It’s annoying, sure, but if you do it, you can actually work things out.

My mom had asked me today how much I weight and what I wanted to lose. I don’t really honestly know how much I want to lose. I told her it’s really more of a way I would like to look. I’m not sure what my ideal weight is, but I know what I’d like my body to look like. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get there, or what else it will take, but I’m ready to be there. Weight Watchers can help. It will help.

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