Impatient, Overwhelmed

Don’t get my wrong, I have a TON of amazing things going on in my lift right now. But it doesn’t mean they don’t stress me out. I’ve been blogging for months about how scared I am about this move. It’s all because of money.  I’m tight at the moment in general, just with a medical bill I’ve been working to pay and Uncle Sam is taking a little more out of my paycheck. I’m so blessed to be with someone who has a few years on me and is more stable in terms of finances. I’m about there, that medical bill was just unexpected. Thankfully, it’ll be paid for by July, if not sooner.

Then there’s our wedding, and I feel so overwhelmed with that to do list. For some reason it bothers me when I can’t just cross something off my list. It’s an ongoing process and will be through August. Then a little bit after too.

I just feel incredibly overwhelmed and ready to get a move on. If the house would just sell, that would calm my worries a lot. If not, I’m at least excited to move. My drive to work is so long and stressful. I’ll be happy to not have that drive anymore.

And on top of it all I’ve got back on Weight Watchers. There’s a weight I’d like to be and a way I’d like to look by August. This is the year it has to get done. No more dilly dallying or excuses. But I starting a diet back up is a tough adjustment. It’s time consuming to track food, exercise and ignore the thoughts of “I’m hungry!”

2013 is going to be a long year. A great one, but a long one.

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