Torn: Decisions Decisions

question_marks3In the process of moving to my dream location while trying to sell this house, I find getting my hopes up way too much on top of having so many decisions to make. Hello being an adult. This is what you sign up for.

First, we had a phone call at 8 a.m. yesterday morning that they wanted to show the house. So from about 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., we were on a mad dash to pull down all the Christmas decorations and make it gorgeous. There have been quite a few people taking flyers and we know of at least one person who possibly wanted to come back for a second showing, so I was hoping it was one of those people.

Our original plans entailed looking at another unit that popped up at the building we’ve moving at. It’s slightly less per month so it’s within our budget, the higher end, but in our budget. We bumped that to later in the day, which also pushed our plans of dishwasher shopping back too. (Ours is done).

Our realtor called as we got to the building and my fiancee listened to his message on our way up. It was so quick after the showing I had my hopes set it was an offer. Turns out they hated our place. They weren’t feeling the open floor plan with a split layout. (Our master is on one side of the living room, then the other two bedrooms are on the other side). Fair enough. We haven’t loved everything we’ve seen either.

I always get so hopeful when our house is shown, and I get really letdown when it’s a no-go.

Then came viewing the other unit at our building that became available.

The master bedroom, which right next to the atrium, was so much larger. We wouldn’t have any issues with our bed or furniture in there. Plus there was a huge closet allowing us both to have entire sides. The master bedroom was really the only downfall at the place we currently have reserved. Oh, and the fact that the current place is slightly over budget.

The place that became available had character. Lots of it. Neat columns. However, the kitchen wasn’t as open into the living space, there wasn’t really a dining area and the living room was significantly smaller.

But, despite all those cons, there’s the price.

That’s where I’m stuck. We’re stuck.

The first place is just gorgeous. Breathtaking. Mindblowing. The second place is just really neat. But it doesn’t compare to our place now. It’s just within budget and we wouldn’t necessarily need money from the sale. Our current place isn’t terribly over budget though, and come the end of the year for next year, we shouldn’t have any issues anymore with it being out of budget.

The place we have reserved now has so much room for entertaining. With our wedding coming up, it would be ideal for a shower, housewarming party, people who just want to come over, possibly Thanksgiving…. we couldn’t do that at place two.

Ugh, decisions decisions. And if we change our mind to place two, we need to do it tomorrow because someone is going to snatch that up quick. Very quickly.

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