House Update

l0f10f043-m0xThat title is misleading because there really isn’t a house update. Our house has been on the market since the last week in October and signs went up the first week in November. So far we’ve had two open houses; one on a Sunday, the other on a Thursday evening.

Both open houses were somewhat successful; four couples at the Sunday open house and five brokers at the Thursday evening open house. We’ve also had two individual showings. For the first, he stayed for about an hour and overall really liked it. The second was a first-time homebuyer really just exploring options and not too serious. My fiancée also noticed someone taking an information sheet from in front of the house this week, so maybe we’ll get a call for another showing soon.

We haven’t really talked to our realtor in a few weeks, so I’m sure we’ll be touching base soon on plans to move forward. Sometimes I feel like we’re on track, then other times I think they could be doing more to get our place out there. I really just don’t know.

I’m fully aware the dead middle of winter isn’t the ideal time to sell a house. I suppose moving in the dead of winter isn’t fun. But honestly, it’s pretty miserable in the summer too when it’s 90°F and ridiculously humid. I feel with this house, people are getting a great deal for the money. It’s on the market for $114,900. It’s just over 1500 square feet, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There’s a new roof, gutters and window screens. We’ve painted the boring white walls and have updated all the fixtures to a modern brushed nickel and have upgraded most of the fans. We sit on a retention pond, so there’s a really nice view out the back. There’s also a two car attached garage. Another added bonus are the can lights and extra outlets he’s added. He’s an electrician, so he planned and did those himself.  He added in a few fans as well where there used to not be any.  That’s something a buyer wouldn’t automatically get with another home. We’re leaving in all appliances, and our dishwasher recently broke, so that will soon be added to the list of new things for a potential buyer.

l0f10f043-m18xThe only downfall are the carpets and kitchen flooring, which is why the place is priced the way it is. Everyone that has walked in has completely understood. We had two choices; lower the price or sign a contract with a company and build in credit for a future buyer. There’s a lot entailed with that, we thought it would just be easier to lower the price. That gives someone the chance to get what they want wherever they want. I think most people would prefer that. One broker told our realtor we should fix the floors ourselves and raise the price, but I think we’ll wait and do that as a worst case scenario.

This is probably one of the most stressful things I’ve gone through, just because so much is sitting on this place selling. It’s a different kind of stress, not like an overwhelming stress. It’s just on my mind all the time and it really worries me. We’ve already got another place lined up, and while we can pay double if we need to, we’d prefer not to. No one does.

Then also, you just never know if you’re going to have a showing. Someone could call and want to see it immediately, and you need to let them so you don’t miss out. However with showings comes the reality that people are going through your things. With selling a home in general, your place is being broadcast everywhere.

I know things will work out and know it’s not the ideal time to have a house up for sale. But this is just the way things worked out for us. I’m just really hoping everything falls into place soon. I’m not able to enjoy the idea of moving into an incredible place if the current place is still on the market. It’s a great deal, I wish someone would take advantage of it.

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