The Start of a New Year is Just Always Easier

Weight LossOnce Halloween hits, it’s really hard for the following two months to stay true to fitness goals. It’s very possible, don’t get me wrong, it’s just hard with family functions, holiday parties, etc. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to say January 1 is a good day to get back on the wagon. After all, there really isn’t much coming up. You need some time not to be tempted to build up the strength to say no.

Once you’ve got a couple weeks under  your belt of being healthy and maybe seeing a pound or two go, it suddenly become much easier to say “You know what? No. I don’t want that donut. I don’t want that cookie. I don’t need that pasta.” You don’t want to ruin all the hard work you’ve done.

For me, I did really well over the summer. I got down to numbers I haven’t seen in awhile and was really happy with myself. Then the holidays set in, and I’m not too far away from where I was, but I’ll need to do some work to get there. Then I’ll need to do some work to get where I want to be.

I get a lot of shit from people from where I want to be, but we all need to remember to keep our weight loss goals relative to ourselves. That includes myself. When people are thinner than me, or I admire the way they look, it frustrates me they’re trying to lose more. But I don’t walk in their shoes. Who am I to judge? Think of it that way. It’s all relative.

This treadmill is getting unfolded!
This treadmill is getting unfolded!

With my wedding being this year, I really need to step it up. Absolutely no excuses. This sounds like such a typical “new year” thing to say. But I’m on a deadline. I have eight months.

Originally I wanted to do this on my own, but then I realized I needed to become a part of something. I’m going to be doing a challenge with a group of girls, then will also be going back to Weight Watchers. I stopped WW a few months ago because I was tight on money and had a calculator. I figured why not do it myself? But obviously, I haven’t. And now that I have a smart phone, I can use the app. I’m really looking forward to that.

What I love about WW is how realistic it is. It teaches you healthier decisions. And you can eat treats and snacks. You just have to be smart about it. I’m really looking forward to getting back on track. And I know I can do it. I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’ve been really hovering over the same weight for about a year, it’s gone up a bit during the holidays. Hopefully I can just work really hard and in a few months, I’ll really be happy about the decision to become a part of the challenge and pay for WW.

Here’s to a successful 2013!

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