My First Time Eating Oysters

During my trip to New York this past September, another couple took my fiancé, and I and one other friend, to The Dutch.  As soon as we sat down to eat, one of the things they were raving about the oysters and ordered them.

Back tracking a bit, I’m a midwestern girl who is perfectly content with Velveeta shells and cheese. When I eat fish, it’s mostly popcorn shrimp or fish sticks. I’m quite picky with food, but over the years have completely opened my mind to trying new things. I’m so glad I have.

Anyway, back to the oysters.

I was open to trying them, I was just nervous I was going to eat it wrong. It felt like a shot to me–you have to take it quick and you can’t mess it up.

They taught me how–take the fork and loosen it up then take it in. Chew it a little bit then swallow. It’s nothing to actually be chewed like normal food.

Not too hard, right?

I loosened it up a bit then went all in. However it did get a smidge stuck, so my first taste was just the water. It was salty and very much tasted like the ocean. It was so fresh.

I didn’t want to ruin it, so I quickly was able to finish the rest of it. Chewing it was different. It has a different texture, definitely not something you can continuously chew. It went so quickly it really wasn’t that bad. I’m not sure if I’ll ever eat oysters again, but I’m definitely glad I tried them.

There was a slight panic attack after I ate it, wondering if I had a shellfish allergy. I don’t think I’ve had much shellfish that I know of, and since I’m allergic to peanuts and potatoes, I wondered. All was good though, no anaphylactic reaction. However I did have a small rash on my chest and back that I’d noticed that night, so perhaps I shouldn’t eat the oysters again. I did once!

And as for the rest of the meal, it was phenomenal. We had little oyster sandwiches, spicy lamb tacos, beets with smoked egg, apple and yogurt dressing, smoked ricotta ravioli with tomato and soft herbs and so much more. Never in a million years did I think I’d try any of that. (I take that back, I was excited about the ricotta ravioli). Sometimes you just need to open your mind a little bit.

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