Thoughts on Wedding Planning

I’m about t-minus eight months away from my wedding. So far I’ve picked a venue and color scheme. I also have  a photographer and someone who will make my cake. The venue takes care of flowers and I’ll take care of a couple bouquets and boutonnieres on my own. I still need to come up with my invite list and send save-the-dates  in the next two months.

I’m excited about it but I’m getting super nervous, just because it’s working with a lot of people. I have this thing about me where I want to make people comfortable. I’d prefer to do and pay for it all, but that can’t quite happen. Although I’ll try my best.

Everyone says “it’s your day” but at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with everyone else. And I honestly don’t expect anyone to halt their life. It’s just one day. But I do hope I give everyone enough notice so if they want to do things they can. Not feeling like they’re being forced to do it.

That’s my worst fear is to stress someone out over my wedding. I never ever ever, and I mean EVER, want to make someone dread anything about my wedding. I want people to just enjoy everything. And in return, I hope the back and forth of planning doesn’t get stressful on my part or to get let down. I let people walk all over me, as I’m clearly making it known. Right now, I should be saying “this is what we’re doing, and when. So make it work.” But absolutely not! That’s absurd. I’d never want to do that to anyone. I’m sorry, but a wedding isn’t that big of a deal. I’m planning one, I can say that.

I remember when one of my friends asked me about doing something–and I told her “all I need you to do is come and get drunk. That’s you’re only responsibility.” That’s all I want people to do, whether it’s my bridal shower, bachelorette party or the actual wedding day.

I’m realistic, I know people’s thoughts on any of these things. They dread them. It takes up time in your day. Your weekend. I’d rather be sitting on my ass at home on a Saturday night than go to a wedding. But I hope that what we’re putting together will make that person’s Saturday night worth their while. One that they look back on years from now and remember it being a fun and memorable experience in a good way. And the views at our venue surely won’t disappoint.

That’s my goal, eight months to go.

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