This is the day it has to stop

Even though I’m getting married, children aren’t in my immediate future. If I can help it, I’m just not ready. I know there’s never a time to be ready, but it’s not quite on my agenda.

And I’ll admit it, there have been times where I’ve wondered if I even want kids. I do.

The times the thought crossed my mind of not wanting them always was overruled. Almost a moral dilemma. One of the things we’re put on this earth to do is procreate.

Well today the tables were turned. Today I wondered about the world. This world we live in. Is it going to be a safe place?

A man murdered 20 children today in what should have been one of the most safest places for them to be. As well as six adults. Adults they entrusted their lives. Maybe even more more since I’ve written this. The man was sick. Mentally sick.

Not that long ago, another man opened fire in a movie theater.

I can list many others, but not even these two deserve any more attention.

But we live in a world where things like this happen. And instead of coming together, many are fighting about the gun laws or about how they think things should be handled. There are a lot of “should have, would have, could have’s” going on.

But they didn’t. This happened. This tragic thing has happened.

I feel more and more our country is becoming divided.

We need to see the bigger picture here. And the bigger picture is we need to open our eyes. We need to go into a different direction. Because today? Today a town, where people moved to be safe, was terrorized.

I don’t know if I’d want to bring a child into this kind of world. How do you explain to a child that their classmate is dead? Even worse, have to console what they saw? These poor children, and adults who survived, will have to live with this awful awful tragedy.

I’ve seen many people say today they want to shelter their children more. I don’t blame them. But realistically, you can’t hide your children from the world because eventually they’ll have to handle it alone. And I’m not being judgmental for those planning to have kids or have them. At all. And I’m sure I will have them one day. But today has really made me think. Really hard.

Today has made me think of a lot of things. It’s brought tears to my eyes. It’s just sick. I hope this is the day that changes everything. This has to stop.

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