What It’s Like to have a house up for sale

I’ve been doing A LOT of bitching lately, so I might as well share some of my experiences instead of my poor pitiful me’s.

Keeping Clean 24/7

You would think this wouldn’t be too hard. Then again, remember the last time you were exhausted and left your dirty dishes in the sink. They can go one more day, right? Or the counter. Over a couple days crumbs pile up. Or the dirt that gets tracked in from walking in the door.  It’s not filthy or disgusting by any means, it’s just the normal day to day. But over the course of the day to day, there are things you don’t feel like doing constantly.  Well when your house could be shown at any time, it needs to be show ready. It might not seem like a big deal, but after you’ve worked all day, had an hour drive home, make dinner, done a load of laundry, you don’t really feel like cleaning.

Waiting Game

It took us four weeks to have people see our house, and it was because we had an open house. Which people say is a waste of time. I hear it’s mostly for the seller’s peace of mind, and I agree with that. Although we did have four people view our place so that’s a bonus. Then two days later had our first actual showing. It was last minute too, they must have been in the neighborhood. Normally with the lock box it wouldn’t be a problem but we have a cat. And she likes to attack. Hence, we must remove her when people that aren’t “us” aren’t here. Just as a precaution. So it gets a bit hectic when you have someone rush to your house, whisk your evil kitty out the door and drive around while the house is being shown. Then knowing how long they were there really does a doozy on your mind. “Well they were here for an hour, they must love it!” Following that, you expect a phone call the next day and it never comes. Then another day goes by and still nothing. Not even “feedback.” It might take two or three days to get “feedback” in which is “great!” A few minor complaints, but all in all, they like it. So then you think you’ll get a call that still never comes. It’s aggravating.

Moving On in Limbo

The point of selling a home is to move into another. It’s very awkward to be in limbo, especially if you have a place lined up. It becomes a race, hoping your current place will sell you aren’t forced to back out or pay double rent or mortgage.

People Reviewing Your Stuff

Selling a house means opening up your house. While it’s your house, it’s for everyone to see. Online, in flyers, for people walking in and out. Safety issue much? Then when people are at your house, they’re opening your cabinets, drawers, etc. It’s what they’re supposed to do. But your stuff is in those cabinets.  Your stuff is in those drawers. What if someone conveniently takes something small? What if someone takes a close look in a drawer of your unmentionables? It feels weird.

Becoming an Employer

When you hire a realtor, essentially you’re their boss. So if something goes wrong, you have to tell them about it. Confrontation gets awkward, for me. Especially when a handful of mistakes happen in a row. I don’t like telling someone how to do their job or questioning it. However, to ensure things are moving smoothly, you have to. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching over his shoulder. I don’t want to have to do that, and feel like every request is annoying.  Yet if I don’t make them, I’m not sure what will happen. It all starts great, then that first error pops up and all the sudden it’s not so much fun anymore.

So. Selling a house sounds pretty fun, right? I’m sure I have many more fun things in store for me. I’m just ready to be home. In my living room. All moved, just sitting on the couch relaxing. Soon.


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