Nerves getting the best of me

I usually play things safe. I think that’s why all these new changes in my life are so exciting yet so nerve racking at the same time. A lot of what-ifs with the house needing to sell. It’s hard this time of year too. It’s cold, kids are in school, it’s just an off time. Yet had we waited till spring, I’m not sure if we would have found the perfect place, because that’s what we found. The perfect place.

That’s another thing I wonder about. I’m so excited about this move, it’s all I talk about. But I don’t ever want it to come off as boastful. For me, I’ve never really moved. I lived at my parents until I was 23 then technically moved in with my fiancé. It was so gradual though, it didn’t feel like it. And since I moved in with him, I definitely felt it was his place and I stayed. I eventually got over that but it took awhile.

But that’s why I’m so over the moon for moving. I do have a lot going on and feel like there are quite a few people judging me or strongly advising I do things a certain way. This applies to my wedding too. I’ve been trying not to let it get to me, but I think it’s starting to. I’m starting to wonder what people think. I know it shouldn’t matter, I know I shouldn’t care, but I do.

I just hope everyone I talk to know my news is of pure excitement and never bragging or boastfulness.

…..and I hope my house sells soon too.


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