A Lot Can Change in 24 Hours

This time yesterday I was complaining about the house not getting anyone looking at it. Which still hasn’t changed. But we did get a game-changer yesterday–the building downtown we want to live in called.  She’s been going through the wait list, and we’re up!

We had an appointment yesterday to look at another place, so after we went there we dropped by the place we’d like to live in and were able to look at an identical unit two floors up.

It’s really crazy how that building has different units throughout, because the couple units we looked at a few weeks back that would have been a possibility if we had been called on the list then weren’t the greatest.  We would have taken one of them just because once you’re a resident you get first dibs on anything that becomes available–and our goal is to get a corner unit, which I shown right here.

But the unit we could get that’s become available won’t have the greatest view, but it will work. It has enough of a view and it’s a gorgeous space. The ceilings are ridiculously tall, it’s spacious–it’s gorgeous.

The residents will move out December 31, and we can hold it for 30 days after that, so surely our house could sell by January 31. Right?

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