I have never been in this much limbo in my life and it’s making me nervous. It’s not a bad problem to have, it’s just this area of being unsure what’s going to happen is scary.

Nearly two weeks ago we put the house up for sale. We’ve worked hard to fix the minor problems that would make it sellable and we’re really done. There are just a few more things left to do, but they aren’t going to make or break the sale. It’s just some paint touch ups…aesthetic appeal. Really it’s just nice for the people who buy it.

But it has been two weeks and not a single person has come to see the house. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. I think I’m being  a little impatient because from what the realtor has been saying, it might be after Thanksgiving. Or at least that’s when he thinks it will be a good time for an open house.

I’ve noticed more houses going up for sale around the city, especially around our subdivision. So I suppose that’s great, that shows that people are moving. But for me, I just wonder when people will look to this place? I could be bias, but it’s a nice place. If I could pick this house up and move it to downtown Indianapolis, I would happily still live here.

We’ve painted the boring white walls and have given it color and life, we’ve done a ton of improvements (big and small such as new modern looking fans and light fixtures to all brushed nickel knobs) and overall I think we are leaving someone an open slate with whatever they want to do with it. I see some of these other homes for sale and they have wall paper or awkward spaces. We have a really decent sized house. It’s move-in ready. And it’s on a pond. Stocked pond. People love fishing….we haven’t. Could care less.

So I just wonder when someone will get in here. I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised compared to some of the older homes around here. Or maybe people like the older homes. Maybe we’re one of the few people in the area who like contemporary and modern. Which if it’s the case…we’re screwed.


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