Finally! Venue Progress

I have so many things going on at the moment, but I have finally made some progress on my wedding–a venue!

We have been so focused on selling our house and moving, as well as other things, that my wedding has definitely not been on the top of my priority list. I know, that’s odd. Most bride-to-be’s start planning the second they’re proposed to. I’ve definitely had ideas flowing, but I really haven’t done much.

I knew I wanted a small wedding and a huge reception. I hope people understand I’m not excluding them from our wedding, I’d just like it to be more intimate and throw a huge party and show everyone a great time.

The venue has been on the top of my list of to-dos though.  Last night I sent out some emails to venues looking for pricing and one emailed me back today.

I’m on a budget–and one of the greatest things about this venue is that they don’t charge for the space. Just the food and beverage minimum. It is also on the 36th or so floor in downtown Indianapolis with incredible views of the city.

So I’m beyond elated–even though it’s all TBD at this point.

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