Why Are People Passing Us Up?

We have a lot to be excited about.  We’ve really gotten started planning the wedding, we’ve paid the deposit for a new place to live in downtown Indianapolis…but the house hasn’t sold yet. I stopped being paranoid and as soon as I did that, people started questioning the fact we haven’t had any showings. I really don’t know what to think, other than I’m feeling really ancy again. I feel like it’s not going to happen.

Moving downtown is something I’ve always wanted, but it doesn’t quite feel real. I don’t think it’ll feel real to me  until our sign in the front yard says sold. I’m aware it could take six months for our house to sell. I just want it to be sooner. We have a great house, it’s a great deal, I really don’t know why there hasn’t been anyone interested in looking at it yet.

Mashed Cauliflower

I started testing out mashed cauliflower recipes this year.  I didn’t really think about it until I came a crossed it, probably on Pinterest. I was super intrigued by it, hoping it would be a great swap for mashed potatoes.

Backstory: My freshman year of college I had a crazy allergic reaction to everything outside.  I went to the allergist and had one of those wonderful allergy tests done and additional to being allergic to practically everything outside on some level, I also found out I was allergic to peanuts and potatoes. (Thankfully my peanut allergy isn’t lethal. That I’m aware of. I avoid it). Funny how I grew up on both and was allergic to both. But it explained not feeling well after eating either. I’ve cut both out of my diet since. 

The last few times I’d made mashed cauliflower I used garlic and really botched it the last time. I didn’t puree the cauliflower enough and the texture was awful. I had also been on a cauliflower kick and really got burned out on them so I gave them a break.

This morning I was looking through recipes because I wanted to find a fluffy mashed-potato-like recipe. Oh, did I ever find one.

It’s from Pride & Vegudice. I’ll let you just pop on over to the site to check it out, but as far as my results go, I thought it was amazing.

I couldn’t find nutritional yeast at Kroger, but read I could use parmesan cheese as a swap. Wasn’t the healthiest, but it would work, so that’s what I used.

It turned out wonderful.  I pureed it the perfect amount so it wasn’t watery, but it was well blended and there weren’t chunks. I also added a little bit of light butter to it to give it more flavor.

I know what I’m bringing to Thanksgiving this year.

A Lot Can Change in 24 Hours

This time yesterday I was complaining about the house not getting anyone looking at it. Which still hasn’t changed. But we did get a game-changer yesterday–the building downtown we want to live in called.  She’s been going through the wait list, and we’re up!

We had an appointment yesterday to look at another place, so after we went there we dropped by the place we’d like to live in and were able to look at an identical unit two floors up.

It’s really crazy how that building has different units throughout, because the couple units we looked at a few weeks back that would have been a possibility if we had been called on the list then weren’t the greatest.  We would have taken one of them just because once you’re a resident you get first dibs on anything that becomes available–and our goal is to get a corner unit, which I shown right here.

But the unit we could get that’s become available won’t have the greatest view, but it will work. It has enough of a view and it’s a gorgeous space. The ceilings are ridiculously tall, it’s spacious–it’s gorgeous.

The residents will move out December 31, and we can hold it for 30 days after that, so surely our house could sell by January 31. Right?

I’m allowed to be psychotic about some things, right?

In a lot of people’s minds I get a free pass to be psychotic about my own wedding, but am choosing not to play that card. I’m going to be an easy breezy bride. (I hope. And if I start to get nuts, that isn’t normal for someone getting married, please put me in my place).

But we are moving, and I am ancy that we haven’t had a showing. I know it’s been almost three weeks and that isn’t that long, but I’m just nervous. I’m fully aware that I’m being unreasonable and I keep most of my thoughts and ancy-ness in my head, but it slips out from time to time. Like when I emailed the realtor the other day saying if he thought it would be a good idea to have an open house this Sunday to just let us know. (We’re waiting until after Thanksgiving).

I’m just having a really hard time with the “I have absolutely no control over this” thing.

What I’m afraid is going to happen is we’re going to get a call for a place we really want to live in that there is a unit available….and we’re still in the house. It’s really risky to take a place when the house isn’t sold. Depending on what’s available, we might. Could you imagine how stressful THAT would be?

I just need to take a breather. There’s nothing I can do on this one.

Venue? Check.

I’ve been procrastinating planning my wedding. Well let me rephrase–I’ve been busy with so many other things that I haven’t really had the time to start planning my wedding. But I’ve made some epic progress over the last week.

Indianapolis Artsgarden

A couple weeks ago on a Sunday night, I knew I needed to get ideas on venues.  Most charge for the room, then these ridiculous food and beverage minimums.  I’ve been blessed to have parents who want to help me as much as I can, and as I browsed through a ton of venues, I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.  So I hopped on a website that I was able to email vendors through and just emailed at least 10 to 15 places.

I had a response or two that Monday, and a couple more later on that week.

My first choice was the Indianapolis Artsgarden. It’s a gorgeous space that connects the mall in downtown Indianapolis to a hotel, and all four sides of the street. But from what other people had told me, the prices were pretty steep.

The Artsgarden was the only place I had really thought of. It was the place when I was younger that I thought would be so amazing to have a wedding–and if you look through some pictures, I’m sure you could see why.

As I was emailing around, there was a place in particular I stumbled on and figured was way out of my price range.  But I emailed them anyway.  I heard from her mid-week with pricing, and it was shockingly reasonable.

Skyline Club (Image from Website)

It was the Skyline Club, which is on the 36th floor in the One America building in downtown Indianapolis.  The pictures were breathtaking and the prices, like I said, seemed too good to be true.  But I set up a meeting with a planner to view the space this week and invited my parents to join along since I haven’t really done anything wedding-wise and my mom especially has been asking.

When we got to the club and walked in, the views were impeccable.  The city was so gorgeous, especially since the sun was setting.

Backtracking for just a minute–my one priority for a reception was for people to have a great time.  I want to do everything I can to ensure I’ve made it a fun and memorable experience.  I know, it’s my day and I can do whatever I want. And I want to make sure my guests have a great time.

View from Skyline Club

Well the views of the city 36 floors up alone are memorable.

It was pretty much a yes for me before I went, and as soon as I looked out at the space, it was a definite yes.  Especially when I realized the prices were exactly what she sent to me.

Thankfully, my parents were just as blown away, if not more, than I was. They’re frugal people, and I know this is a lot of money for them.  But I know they want to give me something that I want. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted that wasn’t the Artsgarden–and now I know I have something even better.

I’m showing the space to Ben tomorrow just to show it to him, then we’re signing the contract this week. It’s the perfect place.