So excited and yet dreading so much

I’ve never been so excited and have dreaded something so much at the same time.  What, you ask?  Shopping.

I love to shop, like most girls do.  And, as an added bonus, all that walking and carrying heavy bags is a workout.

I have a laundry list of things to get for Cosmo Con.  What’s Cosmo Con?  In the biggest nutshell, I’m an avid listener of Cosmo Radio and love the magazine.  For the second year in a row, I’m traveling to New York City to meet with around 100 girls that also listen.  Over the last couple years we’ve found each other through social media and have pages so we chat all the time.  It’s our one time of the year to see each other, hang out with some of the hosts we listen to on the radio everyday and just have a blast in the city.  And NYC is hands down my favorite city.  A lot of people hate the hustle and bustle city life…. but I love it.

I’ve been planning out today’s shopping trip for around a month.  My fiance is at work, so I’m taking the part of my day to myself.  We’ll eventually have to go shopping for him, but that’s for this evening or another day entirely.

I need a cocktail dress, couple pairs of jeans and tops, leggings, flats, pumps and boots.  I also want makeup, but that will just have to wait until next week.

So as excited as I am to shop, the part I’m dreading is money.  I’ve blogged about this over and over again that I never get in over my head.  As I get older and more fun opportunities arise, and unexpected bills come into the picture, I’m not over my head, but I’m at the most I’ve ever been at.

Don’t get me wrong, everything I buy today will be worth every single penny.  And most of it I’ll continue to wear.  I might not wear the dress again, or anytime soon.  I suppose if I don’t like it, I could always return it.

If I didn’t go on this shopping trip, I wouldn’t have anything to wear.  I’ll be gone total of six days and for as many outfit changes I do in a day on vacation, I’m going to need more clothes.

Perhaps this blog is just a reminder that I’ll be fine after today’s shopping trip.  After all, new stuff, hello!  Christmas in September.

I’ve really been keeping my eye on a ton of new fashion trends, I’ve seen so much I’ve liked and I’m finally ready to just go for it.  I’ve been stuck in my same dress routine for years and I’m ready to mix it up a little bit.  I’ll finally get to do that today. So really, I’m just making an investment in myself… right?

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