…Counting Down to November

Since I became of age to vote, I’ve tried my best to make educated votes and not base my opinion on what I hear or what people want me to think.  I’m not a political person; definitely not one of those people who has beliefs so strong I can’t even fathom someone else doesn’t believe what I believe.  The people who aren’t open to different beliefs and ideas really bother me.  I find it quite ignorant.  I have a friend who is an athiest, I am a catholic, and we get a long just fine.  We can both share ideas with each other and have a great conversation.  Not a conversation of bashing and trying to prove who is right.  Just a conversation, that’s quite interesting actually.  And that’s rare.  Sadly.  I can’t change her mind and she can’t change mine, yet I’m very open and curious to hear from her and her to me.  It’s good to learn about things you don’t believe.  So when it comes to those people who love to force their opinions down other people’s throats–no, they don’t have to agree with the opposing opinion, however, they don’t have to argue it so strongly either.  No one will punish you if you just stop talking and listen.

I digress.

As the November elections near, my television is filled with bashing.  Interviews of any candidates are bashing.  I feel I hear more from candidates about how bad of a job their opponent has done and less about what they’ll do.  It’s like every statement start with “(Name) raised taxes by 50 biggilion percent.  I lowered taxes in my state 60 biggillion percent.”  Then literally minutes or hours later, one or several news organizations post the errors or incorrect facts said in a candidates speech.

How did we get here?  Honestly as an American I’m tired of it.  It turns me off to politics, it makes me not even want to pay attention when I should be following these candidates every move.  We vote for these people.  We put them where they are.  We should hold them accountable for their actions.  But it really just seems so immature to me to just bash your candidate.  It’s one thing if it was only something done every once in awhile, but everything they say is an attack or rebuttal.

As an American voter, extremely busy and don’t have hours upon hours to spend researching candidates, I want to hear what you’ve done.  I want to hear what you are going to do.  I want to hear what worked out really well and I also want to know what didn’t work so well in your past.  I want to be realistic.  The only way we can make things better is to cut back on things.  Is it fun?  Absolutely not.  But you have to.  If you have to make a tough call, just tell me why.  That’s why you’re in that chair and not me.  I might not agree with it, but just be honest with me and have a reasonable explanation.

I don’t want to hear what the other candidate didn’t do, what they screwed up on, what they believe.  That’s what news organizations are for.  Aren’t they the ones supposed to hold these people accountable?

I’m sure this is way too much to ask.

But the bashing is just ridiculous.  It seems now when an election comes up, the person trying to beat the incumbent makes America seem as though it’s a horrible country and we’re spiraling out of control.  We seem so divided when an election comes up.  Are we really? Is America really spiraling out of control?

I don’t know. But what I do know is it’s important to vote.  We get that chance as Americans.

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