Busy Before Travel

Cosmo Con 2012 is just around the corner and I’ve been incredibly busy over the last week preparing for the trip, events for the trip, and all things planning prior to.  I’m incredibly excited, and I think all the stress and busy-ness I’m enduring right now will help me appreciate the trip even more. There’s […]

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It costs how much?

I joined a wedding planning site a couple hours ago and just spend about a half hour browsing through venues.  I don’t really care to have a large ceremony but I would like to have a hell of a party.  Unfortunately you need to feed people and I’d like to provide free drinks.  I know […]

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…Counting Down to November

Since I became of age to vote, I’ve tried my best to make educated votes and not base my opinion on what I hear or what people want me to think.  I’m not a political person; definitely not one of those people who has beliefs so strong I can’t even fathom someone else doesn’t believe […]

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