The last thing on my mind….

Funny, when a girl gets engaged, she goes into planning mode. Hm. Not this girl.

First, we have a trip to NYC again for Cosmo Con. Before that, we’re going to beach somewhere nearby for a few days to relax. I know, who are we? It’ll be nice though. Very very nice.

But there’s just one thing that’s really sitting in the back of my head–even though I can make it work–it’s money.

That’s the second thing I’m thinking of over my wedding. I have some new medical bills to figure out. It’s not a ton, but enough to get me worked up.  I like not having to worry about money and I’m territory I haven’t been in before. I know it’ll be fine, because I never put myself in situations I can’t get out of, and I had to do what I had to do, but it’s still different.

Last, the third thing is moving. Even if it was a long time from now, which I hope it isn’t, I feel like that’s higher up on my priority list. I hate my drive to work every day and there’s quite a bit to do around here to get it ready….I’m just excited about that.

Then there’s my wedding. That’s pretty backwards. But it’s also exciting. “Oh yeah, I have this too.” So even though there are other things on my mind at the moment, it’s just in the moment. The wedding, more important.

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