Settled In

So it’s been over a week since I got engaged.  It’s finally all settled in and I feel back to normal.  It was a great week last week, and even though I’ve been with my fiancé for over eight years, it still feels different.  Not drastically different but I mean it’s the next step.  You always think about the next step, then it happens and it’s a reality.  Planning isn’t just a possibility or “what if,” it’s actually going on.

Although we haven’t made any plans.  Our biggest question is the date.  We’re leaning toward August.  We thought about May, but then the only available weekend that worked was May 18.  Well that’s the weekend between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, so that’s not going to work.  I always associate our anniversary in August, so I think we’ll shoot for that.  Maybe August 10.  That’s the day we got engaged and it just happens to fall on a Saturday next year.

I have made one decision though, and it entails my name.  They were having a conversation about names on Cosmo Radio’s Wake Up with Taylor.  I always planned to take his name, but during the conversation they talked about how many girls drop their middle name and move over their maiden name.  After thinking hard about it, I really like that idea.  While I like my middle name, I’ve always been my last name.  If there’s anything that defines me more, it’s my last name.  So I think I’ll legally drop out my middle name (even though it will always be there, just not on paper), and move over my soon-to-be-maiden.

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