What I’d Love One Day

I look forward to a ton of things and wish I had a ton of things. But there’s something I think about every day–and it’s to live downtown.

I love the city. I love buildings, I love people, I love walking. I’d love to get home from work (which would be earlier because I work closer to downtown than where I live now)–and go for a walk. Maybe walk somewhere and grab dinner.  Honestly, I could probably walk around the city every day after I got off work for exercise and enjoy every minute of it.

Then on the weekends, we could try a new place to eat then maybe catching a drink at a place before the cover charge kicks in and the crowds get too rowdy.  Just enough to have a good time–then walk home.

I just think it would be a blast. I’ve wanted to live downtown for as long as I can remember. So hopefully one day I’ll be blogging about how much I love it.

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