Surgery Update….2:31 a.m.

Felt pretty good earlier….hours later…not so much. I mean it’s fine, but man. Ouch.


I had a surgery today. Nothing too invasive, they went in to look and see if I had endometriosis. Turns out it was just some scar tissue.

I’ve had procedures done before, but I’ve always been awake and alert. This was my first time getting knocked out.

I really didn’t get too nervous. I knew it wouldn’t help anything. If I felt any nerves, it was after being rolled in and laying the OR. Kind of cold and creepy in there. But the doctor’s were great so I didn’t feel too bad.

I didn’t even fully realize the drugs to knock me out kicked in, and the only thing I remember was telling them I felt tired….then I woke up! Just like everybody said. (You all were right!)

I was so groggy waking up, as to be expected. I wasn’t feeling good, it wasn’t pleasant. You have this scratchy feeling in your throat, there’s some nausea and because of what I had done–some reeeeally serious abdominal pain.

Within 45 minutes though the meds kicked in, my blood pressure got back to normal and I felt okay to leave. And that was that.  I thought it would be slow….but that was the quickest five hours ever.

Now I’m in bed. That’s where I’ll hang out for the next few days. Glad it’s all done and over with!

What I’d Love One Day

I look forward to a ton of things and wish I had a ton of things. But there’s something I think about every day–and it’s to live downtown.

I love the city. I love buildings, I love people, I love walking. I’d love to get home from work (which would be earlier because I work closer to downtown than where I live now)–and go for a walk. Maybe walk somewhere and grab dinner.  Honestly, I could probably walk around the city every day after I got off work for exercise and enjoy every minute of it.

Then on the weekends, we could try a new place to eat then maybe catching a drink at a place before the cover charge kicks in and the crowds get too rowdy.  Just enough to have a good time–then walk home.

I just think it would be a blast. I’ve wanted to live downtown for as long as I can remember. So hopefully one day I’ll be blogging about how much I love it.