Cooking Adventures: WW Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

I am no cook. Really. My timing is horrible and it stresses me out. But I will say, I’ve been giving it a shot lately. Here’s a brief recap of one of the things I’ve made so far. I’m falling asleep, so I’ll do the others another night.

WW Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

This is really good! Although it calls for olives and scallions, neither of which my boyfriend or I like. So we skipped out on those. It felt like it had taken me forever to get the chicken chopped  and cooked. I also skipped a step somewhere, as usual. But all in all these were easy to make. I feel they didn’t have as much to fill them on the inside and I had slightly overcooked them because the tortillas were really hard. Had it not been a WW recipe and I was counting points, I probably would have thrown in a little more so there was more cheese. But honestly, I was okay with it the way it was.

For my side dish I had grabbed a bag of baked tortilla chips and salsa. There aren’t any points really in salsa, so that was a pleasant surprise! There weren’t too many either in the chips. Great dinner!

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