There are still good people in the world.

Now days as we live in a very conceited world (I’ll admit, myself included at times) and it seems as though the good are hard to find.

I thought I ran into this earlier in the week.

Wednesday night on my way home from work it began to rain. I wasn’t so bummed about it because I had just found an umbrella that meant something to me. An umbrella? Yes, an umbrella. More about that in a minute.

Anyways, I get out of the car, pop it open then walk the 30 or so steps into Walmart.

As soon as I get in the door, I shake off some of the water then latch it onto my purse. I was only picking up a few things so I grabbed a basket instead of a cart.

I walked around the store, picked up my things, paid and started to leave when I realize I had dropped the umbrella.

I began to retrace my steps, with every step further reassuring myself there’s still much of the store to go. But as I made my way back to the checkout, my little black umbrella was no where in to be found.

“People are the worst!” I thought. “Someone stole my umbrella. In the ten minutes I’ve been in here, someone has stole my umbrella. For all they knew, it was store merchandise. They are thieves!”

I double checked with customer service and the greeter, but my umbrella was no where to be found.

So why did I care so much about this cheap $5 black umbrella?

Well, the first day I went to New York, hours before the cocktail hour to meet the Cosmo girls, my boyfriend and I went to the 9/11 memorial. It was the only day there we could make it and it wasn’t booked.

So at that point I had barely slept and hadn’t really showered because we had been in the car since the night before at 8 p.m. We had got out at a truck/rest stop in New Jersey to freshen up, but that was it.

At that point, it was around 4-5 p.m. the following day, so I felt icky as it was. Then as we’re standing in line to get in, what happens? It starts to rain. I sucked it up but was quite furious with myself for not thinking about it. The rain just made me feel uncomfortable. My hair gets frizzy, my makeup was runny and it was just an overall bad situation. And I was wearing a shirt that anyone I was there to meet later on would be very recognizable from the group.

But as we left, we stopped in a little store, probably about eight feet wide, filled with touristy merchandise.

He also sold umbrellas. I then bought one.

So fast forwarding to around now, I’ve been struggling when it comes to umbrellas. The two I had kept blowing up on me.  I was really frustrated but didn’t feel like spending any more on an umbrella. I could just use something with a hood.

Then at the bottom of my closet I was cleaning out I found the little $5 black umbrella. That I had lost, in Walmart.

Walmart!? As frustrated as I was with whoever picked it up, I was even more of an idiot for not just holding on to it.

The next day I try calling to see if it’s been returned to the lost and found, but I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone. I just kept getting the run around.

I make a last attempt when I get home from work, around 7 p.m., to see if it’s been returned. I was surprise to hear,

“Oh yeah! We’ve got it.”

You do? Someone actually turned it in? It wasn’t stolen? Wow. There still are good people in the world.

Had I not called that last time, I would be bitter right now. Very very bitter.

Then of course, it took me two days to go pick it up. We haven’t had rain though.

But this has reminded me there really are good people left in the world.

Thank you for picking up my umbrella. It may have been just a cheap black umbrella to you and everyone else. But to me, it actually meant something.

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