Everyone deserves love.

I listened to someone today who is in a new relationship  and is genuinely happy. I haven’t heard this kind of happy from him before and it was incredible to hear someone who hasn’t been in a good relationship-be in one.

It really made me think because there are so many people that settle. They stay. They are afraid to leave because they don’t believe there is better out there. They believe they don’t deserve better. Or maybe they don’t realize what else is out there. They don’t know what they are missing.

One of the things he said today was,

“She makes me feel like I matter.”

My thought:

“You do matter.”

Everyone matters. Everyone deserves a good realtionship. Sure, they are work. Sure, there are disagreements.  Sure, there are sacrifices and comprimises. But they should all be disagreements, sacrifices and compromises that make you both better. They should help you move on. Not set you back.

I think people in relationships and are belittled, controlled or just not happy whether you fight a lot or just aren’t a good match should know there is better. No one deserves to be mistreated. No one deserves to be unhappy. Why waste your life being unhappy? You shouldn’t dread a relationship. It should make you better. A friend of mine is in a new relationship and I love how she says,

“He just makes me want to be better.”

I love that.

No one should be with anyone that holds you back. Just to be better. Be the best person you can be. It’ll be great for you and everyone around you. And I think this applies to anyone in your life, not necessarily a significant other. If you have someone in your life that is toxic, don’t waste your time.

Everyone deserves happiness. Everyone deserves love.

3 thoughts on “Everyone deserves love.

  1. Great post! If this inspired by the person I am thinking; I think he would love to read this. It is funny how you can feel like you know someone, pick out their moods, and make assumptions on their relationship status after listening to someone for 4 or 5 years.


  2. Sarah, it is 🙂 I sent him an email yesterday and was super surprised he got it right away. EVERYONE deserves love. Everyone matters.


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