See Ya, 2011

Usually end of the year blogs are sappy and reminiscent. They’re also looking forward to the next year after looking back at all the bad things that happened. Well you know what? 2011 wasn’t bad for me. Sure, I had my moments. But all in all, it was a great year. I think one of […]

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A Million Reasons to Be Here

I watched this video just now, from a boy named Jonah. I hope the power of what he has to share reaches far to other kids like him. I am absolutely disgusted with bullying. It has gotten to this point where children are attempting and committing suicide. This is sick. Why? Because they don’t realize […]

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Everyone deserves love.

I listened to someone today who is in a new relationship ¬†and is genuinely happy. I haven’t heard this kind of happy from him before and it was incredible to hear someone who hasn’t been in a good relationship-be in one. It really made me think because there are so many people that settle. They […]

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