The Feeling That Never Goes Away.

When you put your mind to something and pursue it, you can do it.

I was writing an email to a young writer tonight and told him,

“It feels good to be published, isn’t it!? That excited feeling of seeing your byline never goes away.”


The neat thing about being a writer is you get to learn about all kinds of different things. You get to slip into someone else’s life, event, etc. for awhile.

It’s so funny because growing up I couldn’t have been more shy. And some days, I am still incredibly shy. I get awkward in some social situations. But when I have to write a story, it’s different. It’s like a switch. I was thinking about it this week. It’s probably about control. But people love talking about themselves and explaining whatever it is.

Being a writer is all about meeting with people and they open up to you. Could be for a few minutes, could be for hours.

For that duration of time, whatever it might be, you connect. You see their emotion. You learn.

Then, when it’s all done, you see it. May be printed, may be online. You get to share the connection with everyone. Along with your name. It’s a feeling that never goes away.

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