I couldn’t have had a better college experience and yesterday couldn’t have been a better reminder.

You see, I graduated from a “yes” school. It was at the time, now it’s in shambles but I’m not focusing on that right now.

The journalism program I was in during my years there was amazing.  It gave everyone a change to be published, from our newspaper days to the web. What was even better is our professors encouraged us to explore and learn on our own.  They guided us, taught us what we needed but ultimately we made decisions.

By my second year in college, I was published and had a weekly section. By my third and fourth years I was both an editor and managing editor. While stressful at times, it was so much fun sitting in a room with all the students who now are some of my close friends just working. We didn’t get paid a dime and yet we poured our heart into it.

Our faculty, including our wonderful advisor, gave us every resource we needed from equipment to space. We proved ourselves to be trustworthy, therefore enabling us to use equipment and meeting/lab space. There were nights we stayed in that room way passed dark–planning on the dry erase board and just plugging away on our Macs.

A few friends and I took several weeks to plan and covered the HSPA awards ceremony, enabling those unable to attend (which was a high number unfortunately due to the economy) to participate via an online chat and Twitter. The day also included seminars which we covered for them to use later.

In my last year, I helped work to re-build the campuses radio station to an untraditional online platform, enabling people have access to a library database of local artists music. It was so neat to work with the musicians, put up their bios and music. I even threw a couple concerts! …even had the cops called on us once because (and funny, they were on my side).

These are just a few of my many memories and it just wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have the professors and staff we had. It couldn’t have been better, I learned so much and encouraged me to continue learning about the industry and technology.

It’s sad it’s no longer the same. I’m very fortunate to have had the amazing experience I did.

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