An Odd Thing To Be Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble. I wish a fun and wonderful one to you and yours. I’m thankful for all the great things in my life–job, friends, family, it’s all great. I’ll throw a curveball thing this year. It’s something I’m very thankful for. I went in for my routine cleaning at the dentist yesterday. Keep […]

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Take The Wheel And Go

Eversince I can remember, I wrote. When I was in gradeschool I wrote short stories, middle school I added in scripts and poetry into the mix then by highschool I started blogging. So for college it was a no-brainer I picked Journalism. I was one of the few people who never changed my major. I […]

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This is a topic I’ve been writing and working on for a few years now. It is the worst. The absolute worst. The most ignorant thing some people say are, “Oh, people just need to excercise. Run. Quit eating junk.” Sure, sounds easy? Well, after a long day at work and a laundry list of […]

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