An Odd Thing To Be Thankful For

It’s Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble. I wish a fun and wonderful one to you and yours. I’m thankful for all the great things in my life–job, friends, family, it’s all great. I’ll throw a curveball thing this year. It’s something I’m very thankful for.

I went in for my routine cleaning at the dentist yesterday. Keep in mind, this is the same dentist I’ve had since I was …this is the only dentist I’ve had. So whenever you start going, I’ve been going to him.

He always smiles when I come in. It’s because I’m all fixed now. He says I was orthodontically challenged. That’s an understatement.

Most people have to have their wisdom teeth pulled or braces to straighten things out. So me? Not all my back adult teeth decided to come in. So there would have been gaps everywhere.

So when I was younger a chunk of my baby teeth were pulled to let the teeth that were coming in–come in. Then he stuck braces on them and pulled them all forward.

You wouldn’t have a clue.

He also made the front look great. Put on some porcelain veneers to fill all the spaces. He did a really really really great job. It took three hours just to get the top braces off, laser around the gums and make them look the way they do now. That was ten years ago.

Then as I got older it was interesting because the top teeth that didn’t have bottom teeth to rest on started to drop because there was nothing there. Eventually they would have just come down the root. Ah! I know. So those were yanked too. Adult teeth. Yep. Those X-rays were always fun to see and confuse the heck out of new people. But those who have been there all along and my dentist appreciate all the work. It was interesting. And now I have nice chompers. I’m thankful for that.

Take The Wheel And Go

Eversince I can remember, I wrote. When I was in gradeschool I wrote short stories, middle school I added in scripts and poetry into the mix then by highschool I started blogging.

So for college it was a no-brainer I picked Journalism. I was one of the few people who never changed my major. I was published by my sophomore year.

Now, I’m getting paid to do what I love. When I look back on that, it’s inspiring. I stuck to my passion and now I get paid to do it.

There are a lot of people who settle for a career. Life happens and people just do what gets them by. I don’t think they have to. No goal is unachievable if it’s what you really want. Is it easy? No, of course not. College was one of the toughest experiences. But it was also the most rewarding experience too.

What was even more inspiring were the older people in my classes. I went to a public university downtown, so it was very much of a commuter campus.  In many of my classes there were people in their 40s, 50s and even 60s.

So it’s never too late. If you have something you’re passionate about, just do it. It’s rewarding and makes life better. There were a few things along the way that would have been easy and got me working quicker. But I’m glad I stuck it out. So if you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, or a major you don’t like, only you can change it. Doesn’t matter what’s going on, you are the only one in control. So take the wheel and go.

My Not Bad but Not the Greatest Marginal Day

Today wasn’t a bad day. It wasn’t a good day though either. Marginal, that’s a good word.

It was just an incredibly busy day.

It’s been busy lately, I’ve had something going on every week and weekend for the past couple months. While fun, it’s a bit exhausting.

My plan is to make no plans this weekend other than just spending time with my boyfriend.  It’s crazy sometimes how you leave the ones you love the most behind.  The longer we’ve been together, it’s easier to take off and make plans.

While we don’t need to spend every waking moment with each other anymore and do see each other everyday, there is such thing as quality time. Quality time isn’t sitting on the couch–he on his phone and me on my laptop. That’s why I think we just need to get out and have some fun.

I might even shut my phone off too *scandalous* Maybe a movie, trip to the casino and a few stores I’ve been dying to check out (i.e. The Container Store). Sounds like fun.

Things always come up though.

But, it’s my plan to have no plans this weekend that got me through my stressful, not-bad but not the greatest marginal day.

There’s really no one to vent to because there’s really nothing to vent about. But even if I did, who really wants to hear it? I try to hold myself back. I think I used to vent a lot….and I’m sure I still do about certain things. But at the end of the day, does anyone really care about my marginal day? No.

Here’s to tomorrow, being less marginal than today.



This is a topic I’ve been writing and working on for a few years now. It is the worst. The absolute worst.

The most ignorant thing some people say are, “Oh, people just need to excercise. Run. Quit eating junk.”

Sure, sounds easy?

Well, after a long day at work and a laundry list of to-dos at home, the last thing I want to do is workout and spend 30-45 minutes cooking something healthy.

I’m not in a hardcore workout/eating regime at the moment.  Before my trip to NYC, I told myself I needed to take a break from it. I’ve been dieting and in fits for years and it’s just mentally exhausting.  I needed to refocus.

But when you have a goal to lose weight, whether you’re working or not, it’s on your mind. 24 hours, seven days a week.

I know I start getting into my head, and I know I would feel better if I was just skinnier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very happy person. But being just 10 lbs. lighter would make things a little bit better. That sounds ridiculous.

I wish it were just easy. There are some people that are just thin. And then there are people like me that have to work.

I get all the time, “Oh you look great. You don’t have to work.” Sure I do. If I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted and didn’t exercise regularly it’d all catch up. I almost have to yo-yo. Lately, I’ve maintained.

Not sure what happened, because up until my sophomore year in college I was fine, but I think my thyroid went crazy a few years ago. Plus I had a super crazy and stressful school semester. It set me up for a disaster and I’ve had to keep working hard really since.

With the holidays coming up, it’s really hard to stay focused. It’s hard when there is so much to do to work out and eat healthy. It’s not easy.

Then again, there have been times when I’ve been dieting hardcore that I avoided all bad things. I even made my boyfriend brownies AND didn’t lick the batter. Had donuts and cookies in front of me and didn’t even look. Ran hard for 30-45 minutes straight five nights a week.

It’s exhausting though. But eventually, it will get done. I wonder, when I’m where I want to be, will it ever be good enough? Only time will tell…

The Feeling That Never Goes Away.

When you put your mind to something and pursue it, you can do it.

I was writing an email to a young writer tonight and told him,

“It feels good to be published, isn’t it!? That excited feeling of seeing your byline never goes away.”


The neat thing about being a writer is you get to learn about all kinds of different things. You get to slip into someone else’s life, event, etc. for awhile.

It’s so funny because growing up I couldn’t have been more shy. And some days, I am still incredibly shy. I get awkward in some social situations. But when I have to write a story, it’s different. It’s like a switch. I was thinking about it this week. It’s probably about control. But people love talking about themselves and explaining whatever it is.

Being a writer is all about meeting with people and they open up to you. Could be for a few minutes, could be for hours.

For that duration of time, whatever it might be, you connect. You see their emotion. You learn.

Then, when it’s all done, you see it. May be printed, may be online. You get to share the connection with everyone. Along with your name. It’s a feeling that never goes away.