Kim K, Go Away

As I stood in the line at CVS today, right in my line of sight in the impulse buy section was a tabloid with the latest headline that Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries were over. Of course, he’s been cheating and has moved out.

Of course they’re over, they were never together!

I do not watch anything the Kardashians do. Why? Because they are all fake. They’ve figured out a way to do absolutely nothing and make tons of money, which all began when Kim made a sex tape that she now doesn’t talk about. (While I don’t watch, I get quite caught up on all things Kardashian when I listen to Cosmo Radio).

Don’t get me wrong, I love pop culture, but I do not love them. Everything they do is for money and this latest ploy of Kim rushing into this marriage with someone she didn’t even date that long DURING THE YEAR she said she was going to be single…then a divorce right away is just childish non-sense.

To me, they are all robots. Okay, I think I like Khloe, but I don’t watch the show so I can’t be for certain. She seems the most genuine.

What bothers me is people have totally fallen into the Kardashian hole and love it. I think it’s a giant waste of time. Do they even know how to be real anymore? Do they have feelings? To me, I don’t think so.

Watch, in the upcoming months, Kim will get a divorce and guess what–she’ll bank. Then she’ll do another spinoff or something about being single. It’s a cycle. Yay Kardashian’s, you’ve figured it out. But it’s old and really annoying.


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