How Was New York?

I was on the phone with my friend Denis last night and he asked me how New York was. Now that I’m over a month out and can talk about it without welting up in sadness because I’m not there anymore or just jump from one story to another, I’ll finish what I started.

The point of my trip to New York was to meet the Cosmo girls. Over 50 girls from all over the country–and Canada, traveled to NYC to meet each other. Basically, in a nutshell, that was it!

I’ve been listening to Cosmo Radio (Sirius) for over five years and at the beginning, it felt so far. There were a handful of regular callers but I only felt connected just through listening.

Now, I talk to these girls daily. We make each other laugh, share tips–it’s so neat to have this group of girls. We share this amazing thing in common that no one else gets. What might seem weird to those who don’t listen is something so special to us.

I’ll never forget being greeted by probably 20 of them for the first time. We all hugged. One by one. I had never met these girls face to face and yet I knew each of them. The trip was so surreal. For one, I’d always wanted to visit New York. I’m hands down a city girl and I loved every minute of it. Sure, it’s a completely different environment. I think that’s what I loved about it so much. No one sleeps there. It was crazy standing in the middle of Times Square at 11:30 p.m. and it was just as busy then as it was at 1 in the afternoon.

When you put 50+ people together, everyone has different talents and there were so many perks. We stayed at a great hotel, ate at amazing restaurants and saw incredible things.  There were a ton of great stores and it was also incredible to see the 9/11 Memorial.  It was sad–especially being there and thinking back to everything I’ve seen on television.  They’ve really made it beautiful.  I wish it didn’t have to be that way though.

Back to the trip–it was just so amazing to have finally met the other people who share this common interest with me–and also to  meet the people I’ve been listening to every day. I can’t go without listening. It’s very much of a family. So being able to meet the hosts and producers meant a lot to me. I don’t feel like someone who just tunes in. Like I said, it’s a family.

It was so cool when I called in to the afternoon show a few weeks after, Lea, the producer, answered the phone and remembered who I was and where I was from. There are tons and tons of people who call in.  She probably didn’t realize it, but that really made my day.

Cosmo Radio is an escape for me. It’s where I can get advice, a laugh, a story, health and relationship tips–everything.  It all came together in New York. What’s even cooler? Now sections of the country are putting together groups and getting together. We’re planning another mini-trip in May to Chicago then another huge Cosmo Con event next September in Los Angeles.

I wish everyone had this. But it’s my thing. I hope to go back to New York soon. I miss it. It felt so right being there. I loved it all. It was worth every penny I spent and I can’t wait to go back.

Until I see them again in person, I have this. It makes me smile.

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