A Different Place

It’s crazy how fast a month goes by. I had been looking for my trip to New York for so long and now over a month has gone by.

I miss it. I love it.

I love how busy it is. There’s a different type of atmostphere. It’s a whole different world….one that’s only 12 hours away in the car or a few hours on a plane.

I love how the buildings tower over my head and every inch of space is so important. I love how I could visit a new restaurant or store every day.  And the walking. I love walking everywhere or jumping on the subway. I’m used to driving and when I’m on the subway, while there are crazy people, I can just zone out as it sways back and forth and throws you in a direction as it takes off and stops.

I love New York’s diversity. From the people to the food.

In general, I always feel safer or comfortable knowing there are people around. Not only are there tons of people around, but they’re there at all hours of the day and night.

There’s truly no other place like it in the world. I love it. I miss it.

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