Thanks Steve.

Many people don’t see what the big deal is when it comes to computers, phones, technology, etc. With patience, an open mind for learning, some of the modern technological devices out today, they can really make your life easier.

To be technical, I first used a Mac in the first grade. Oregon Trail, floppy discs, it was a whole thing. But it wasn’t until my sophomore year in college when I was introduced to the Mac. I was in J210, a photography class with our wonderful Dean at the time, Jim Brown. It was a little scary at first, but he was patient with us and walked us through. By the end of the semester I knew buying a Mac would be the best thing to get me through college. I bought one the following January with my tax check and haven’t looked back.

I’ve purchased two, and the only reason why I purchased my second one was because my mom wanted to buy a Windows computer and I told her, “Absolutely not. My Mac is fine, take mine and I’ll get a new one.”

Macs are cool. They are sleek. They are expensive. But this isn’t why I bought either of mine. (And for the record, $1000-$2000 is a lot for me, and especially while I was in college).

Macs just work. Everything about it is so smart. I would take such good care of all my Windows computers and they would get viruses, batteries would mess up, they would run incredibly slow shortly after I purchased it and I would have to wait on the machine. Homework and projects sometimes took hours waiting.

There is no waiting. There is no hair pulling. My last two semesters of college I spent a lot of time building websites, coding, running flash programs and working to create them and my computer ran seamlessly.

I love Apple because they are innovative. They just work. They are such a great investment.  There’s not much else I can say other than I appreciate them so much and am so glad Steve Jobs created a machine that works for me, and billions of others–not one that we have to work for.

Thanks Steve.

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