Kim K, Go Away

As I stood in the line at CVS today, right in my line of sight in the impulse buy section was a tabloid with the latest headline that Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries were over. Of course, he’s been cheating and has moved out. Of course they’re over, they were never together! I do not […]

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How Was New York?

I was on the phone with my friend Denis last night and he asked me how New York was. Now that I’m over a month out and can talk about it without welting up in sadness because I’m not there anymore or just jump from one story to another, I’ll finish what I started. The […]

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A Different Place

It’s crazy how fast a month goes by. I had been looking for my trip to New York for so long and now over a month has gone by. I miss it. I love it. I love how busy it is. There’s a different type of atmostphere. It’s a whole different world….one that’s only 12 […]

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