Cosmo Con. It’ll Better Than Christmas When You Were Five

When I was five, Christmas was a big deal. I’m sure it was for many. You know it’s coming for a long time. You don’t know what you’re getting, but you know you’re going to love it. Then during the entire day, it just seems like the wonderfulness could never end.

My trip to New York next week feels even better than Christmas, when I was five.

Most people think we’re crazy. And does it sound a little nuts to be traveling across the country to meet 45 girls or so in person that you’ve been talking to online for months, some even years? Honestly, it might. But is it? Absolutely not.

We all share this absolute love for Cosmo Radio. I blogged about it awhile back.

So just think of it this way. Pick your favorite show, band, artist, or anything. A common interest you share with others. Just imagine you talk about this common interest with others on a daily basis. Now, take it a step further, what if you were going to the place where that common interest originated from? You get to meet whatever that common interest is, and the people who love it? How does that sound?

I’ve been a devoted Cosmo Radio listener for over five years. It just gets me through life. It keeps me sane. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s quite relaxing for me. Talk radio isn’t many people’s thing. And it wasn’t mine, until I came across Cosmo.

What is so amazing, on top of the station, are the listeners. Over 45 of us have coordinated a trip, by ourselves with no help from the station, to New York City. Each of the girls has their place of expertise and as we’ve put all our talents together, we have created what will be one incredible and momentous event, none other than Cosmo Con. We’ve truly built what we call a “Fake Like Family” a.k.a. FLF.

You may say, “But Tracey, why are you going on a trip with people you met over the internet for some radio station?”

It’s not a trip with people I met over the internet just for some radio station. I’m going on a trip with over 45 girls who share the same love as I do for an amazing amazing brand. Like I said in my last blog, many people think Cosmo is a magazine with sex tips. Sure they’re in there, but that’s not what it is. It’s a truly amazing brand that I’m proud to love. And the radio station? I can’t even describe with words.

I’m so incredibly excited to be taking a trip to New York City, with over 45 girls, to meet some of the people I listen to on the radio every day, and just have one hell of a time. And when it comes to traveling to New York, I’ve been dreaming about it. Even though I haven’t been there since I can remember, I’m in love with the city. I know I can’t fully remember the last time I was there, because I was three, but I’m in love with it. It will feel right to be there.

It’s like Christmas when you were five. Only better.

I can’t wait to meet the FLF.

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