Prayers for the Indiana State Fair Tragedy

This evening, practically just a minute prior to the band Sugarland taking the stage at the Indiana State Fair and just after an announcement about in-climate weather coming into the area, the stage outside of the grandstands collapsed after blown over by winds possibly up t0 60-70mph.

Weather was rough in the area. I was on the north side of Indianapolis en route to Kohls with my boyfriend. We had rushed into the store and were able to remain inside while waiting for it to blow over.

While waiting, I checked Facebook and had realized something tragic had happened. Knowing I had two friends at the concert, I texted them both in a panic. Thankfully, they had responded within 15 minutes that both were physically okay. Emotionally though, things like this don’t happen regularly and it’s traumatizing.

Image from News Day

I just want to point out while social media is criticized, it’s in tragic situations such as this collapse where it’s used in a positive way. I believe at one point when phone lines were down, police were telling people to use social media to reach out to loved ones. I couldn’t even imagine how scary that must have been for the person who had become lost from the person they were with, phones not working and the giant stage crumbled with many people trapped underneath.

It’s sad four people passed and at least 40 were seriously injured. Local news is saying if you count even small injuries, the amount may go into the hundreds. It’s 1:34 a.m. right now, and news crews are on the air awaiting a press conference.

It’s incredible how a community can come together. It’s incredible how prayers go out. It’s incredible how after such a horrific even happens, people didn’t run away, rather ran towards the accident to help lift up the equipment. It just goes to show how there are good people out there and it should be an example for everyone. Even in the smallest thing, perhaps you notice someone drops their groceries and needs help. I think we all can take away from this the strength of a community and should do whatever we can to make the world a better place.

Thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their families.

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