Detaching From the World…For 48 minutes

I’ve been up so far for about 48 minutes. I have not yet turned on the TV, nor have checked Facebook or Twitter. So, at this very moment, all is good in the world. I know Hurricane Irene is working her destructive path all along the east coast. I know there’s drama on Facebook. I know there are some great zings on Twitter. But for now, I know nothing. It is kind of relaxing.

But after 50 minutes….you start to feel disconnected. Funny, growing up, you would kill for that 10-30 minutes your parents would allow you to go online. AOL. Old school dial-up (I can still remember that sound).

Now, if you can even go 10-30 minutes disconnected from the world, it’s quite the detachment.

Prayers for the Indiana State Fair Tragedy

This evening, practically just a minute prior to the band Sugarland taking the stage at the Indiana State Fair and just after an announcement about in-climate weather coming into the area, the stage outside of the grandstands collapsed after blown over by winds possibly up t0 60-70mph.

Weather was rough in the area. I was on the north side of Indianapolis en route to Kohls with my boyfriend. We had rushed into the store and were able to remain inside while waiting for it to blow over.

While waiting, I checked Facebook and had realized something tragic had happened. Knowing I had two friends at the concert, I texted them both in a panic. Thankfully, they had responded within 15 minutes that both were physically okay. Emotionally though, things like this don’t happen regularly and it’s traumatizing.

Image from News Day

I just want to point out while social media is criticized, it’s in tragic situations such as this collapse where it’s used in a positive way. I believe at one point when phone lines were down, police were telling people to use social media to reach out to loved ones. I couldn’t even imagine how scary that must have been for the person who had become lost from the person they were with, phones not working and the giant stage crumbled with many people trapped underneath.

It’s sad four people passed and at least 40 were seriously injured. Local news is saying if you count even small injuries, the amount may go into the hundreds. It’s 1:34 a.m. right now, and news crews are on the air awaiting a press conference.

It’s incredible how a community can come together. It’s incredible how prayers go out. It’s incredible how after such a horrific even happens, people didn’t run away, rather ran towards the accident to help lift up the equipment. It just goes to show how there are good people out there and it should be an example for everyone. Even in the smallest thing, perhaps you notice someone drops their groceries and needs help. I think we all can take away from this the strength of a community and should do whatever we can to make the world a better place.

Thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their families.

A Good Relationship

This evening I joined fellow tweeter, Cocktail’s with Patrick listener and host of the Peep Show, John Zamboni, for a quick interview for Saturday’s Peep Show. Odd, usually I’m the interviewer. It’s fun being on the other side. Nine times out of 10 during my own interviews I have no problems because people love talking about themselves. I proved my theory. It’s easy talking about yourself, and one of the things we talked about was my relationship.

When it comes to my relationship, which will be seven years in on Saturday, I’d describe it as a good relationship. A great relationship, actually. I’m not one to brag or boast by any means. But we’ve been doing well for the last seven years so we’re doing something right.

No one’s perfect and of course we have our disagreements. But what we do have is respect and trust. Relationships require work, however, I don’t think you ever need to be exhausted.

Seems like every day on Facebook or Twitter, someone is having issues. ¬†What makes me so sad are the people who put up with being in a bad relationship because they don’t want to be alone.

Being alone sounds scary. To be honest, the thought scares the hell out of me. Consider this though, what’s better: Being miserable with someone you don’t belong with and wasting your time? Or being single and searching?

I’m blessed to have a great guy. He has a head on his shoulders, he’s incredibly smart and he gets me. When Zambones asked me about him, it reminded me just how lucky I am. He gets me and all of my quirks–as I get his. He keeps me grounded.

I think everyone is entitled to that. And if you’re putting up with someone because you don’t want to be alone, it’s not even something to question. Get out. You both deserve better. You both deserve a good relationship.


It’s pretty usual you take your vacation time to, well, be on vacation. I took three days last week and I worked. It felt amazing. I got up every morning about the same time I usually do, 6:30 a.m. Once my boyfriend was out the door, it was on. I knocked out my to-do list.

All the small things that you never have time to do, I got them done from washing the walls and the trim to cleaning off the cabinets. I also made some calls, etc.

I highly recommend this.