Detox, Day 3 (Final Day)

Yesterday was my final day of the Dr. Lindsey Duncan springtime cleanse. It does definitely work. Although I felt pretty miserable. Monday I had a dreadful headache all day, so it made me delusional. Yesterday, the last day, wasn’t so bad. I had a little bit of a headache, but it never progressed. I was starving though, and it was a dangerous starving though. I wanted anything and everything. Thankfully today I’ve come to my senses and am not going to eat everything in sight today.

So if I could “review” this detox, it works. If you have willpower and some cash to drop on the supplements, I say do it. It was a great kickstart and I knocked off a few pounds I’ve been trying to for a long time. Will they come back? Probably. But if I keep up a regular healthy regiment with exercise, maybe they won’t.

You were supposed to get 30 minutes of exercise on the detox. I couldn’t, I didn’t feel well enough. This was my first time though, I’m sure I’ll be desperate and do it again. I only got through three days. There is another Cosmo listener who was doing the detox along with me. She’s on her fifth day. Kudos to her! I don’t think I could have done it another day for now. But the supplements are good for a few more days, maybe I’ll do it for a few more days next week.

All in all, I recommend it. I think my system needed it. I wish I could have gone longer, but, my body was saying “Okay, I need food!” Which the food I was eating for the record was good. This is a healthy cleanse. It isn’t drinking weird lemon water and not eating for a week.


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