Detox, Day 2

I’m in the second day of Dr. Lindsey Duncan’s springtime detox. Let’s see, so far I’ve/I’m:

  • Rationalizing and making deals with myself for how long I will continue to do this
  • Had a raging headache since I went to bed last night
  • Constantly thinking about eating food. Anything.
So what have I established? I have a very unhealthy relationship with food. I shouldn’t be thinking this way. Well, I guess anyone would if you were sticking to a strict regiment. I think having a headache definitely isn’t helping.

Like I said yesterday, I’ve been yo-yo’ing slash learning healthy eating since 2009. I don’t know what the heck happened, I think I went out of whack. I’d say, since this all began, I’m back to normal….which was roughly 20 lbs. That’s a scary number. I freak about going back up. Then again, it happened during college.

College is a time where you’re constantly on the go and nothing is regular. Now, life is finally consistent and I have no temptations during the day. In college, it was easy to make an excuse to eat something to keep me awake during class or keep me feeling better. Or I’d get out of class by 8:45 p.m. and it was so much easier to pick up dinner than make it. I think I can attribute it to working for the campus foodservice. It was a blessing and a curse. Free food. But, I wouldn’t change my time there for anything. The people and experience was so great. (Despite all the drama that happened, but what job in the foodservice industry isn’t stressful?)

So I don’t think I’ll need to fear of going back there. I think I’m conscious enough that I won’t exceed a certain point. Because if I get close….then I do crazy things like this detox.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Tomorrow is the last day of being strict. Don’t think I can be productive during my time off like this. I’ll continue taking my wonderfully disgusting tasting Gogi, Noni and Mangosteen supplements in the morning. Spent the money, might as well. They’re healthy.

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