Jaycee Lee

Image from Zimbio Website

Tonight I had the couch to myself as my boyfriend was working on a few things outside. I’m not sick, but not feeling well either. I curled up on the couch and hit up the DVR (those are amazing, by the way. I don’t know how I lived without one).

I’ve really been looking forward to watching the Jaycee Lee Dugard ABC special with Diane Sawyer. Tonight was the perfect night. I was especially intrigued after watching a special about it over the weekend–one that just covered what happened and the awful people that had taken her from her mother, Phillip and Nancy Garrido. Sick, sick people.

If you aren’t familiar with Jaycee’s story, I encourage you to watch it.  Click here to watch it on Hulu. I thought it was a fantastic interview. There were quite a few moments of silence. They were very brief. Enough to make you swallow her horrific tale.  Here she is today, able to smile. I especially loved the end.  Many pieces of the interview were outside. Birds chirping.  Sun shining. You could almost smell the flowers.

So many bring their own hurt, grief and pain upon themselves, sadly. And yet here is this woman, who had no control over her life for 18 years, happy. She says she can’t be sad. She can’t and won’t let Garrido win. The interview concluded with Jaycee and her mother saying love always wins. Maybe it was good. I can’t remember. But what I will remember is them being together. Finally together, after 18 years. Just imagine what you go through in 18 years. She missed out on all of it, instead lived in her own world.

I hope people can look at her story and make them reconsider some of the things in their own life they can control. It makes me sad when people stress themselves out over things they can change. While things are always easier said than done, it’s always one day at a time. It’s just getting that first day out of the way.

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