My Love for Fake Life…aka Cosmo Radio

I talk about it on Facebook, I talk about it on Twitter. I talk about it in real life, I’m a part of it in fake life.

Cosmo Radio.

People don’t get it, it’s confusing, and with an upcoming trip to NYC totally for Cosmo, I think it’s time to explain this wonderful obsession of mine that I wish the whole world had. Because if the world had Cosmo Radio, it would be a much better place.

Most of you do not have satellite radio. I got it in December 2006 as a Christmas present. Prior to that, I only listened to music but loved the morning/evening radio shows. However, it’s frustrating how little time you actually get to hear the conversation. And while people can call in, I never really remember the host connecting with specific listeners. It was just generic.

When I first turned that dial and heard a man’s voice speaking about things I was going through, I was hooked. He is Patrick and hosts Cocktails with Patrick. He turned me to the channel and I’ve been a dedicated listener ever since. There’s more than just Patrick’s show, there’s Wake Up in the morning, Cosmo Life on Thursday afternoons and the day wraps up with The Love and Sex Show w/Dr. Jenn. (There’s my free advertising for the channel, which is 109 if you have SiriusXM or I inspire you to get a free trial and at least have you venture in the world of satellite radio).

So what’s the big deal? Why am I so obsessed? It’s because I can relate. It’s talk radio, but it’s entertaining at the same time. It’s hard to explain, especially if you’re just used to regular radio. They have commercials, but they aren’t long. They can totally get into a topic for as long as they want, take calls and get everyone’s perspective. Because of this, I feel as though I handle things in a better way compared to when I wasn’t a listener.

From good situations to bad, to the awkward to the funny. It’s all there. If you read Cosmo magazine, it’s like that only over the radio and they can take conversations so much further. And for the record, many people think Cosmo is a sex magazine. It’s so much more–it’s an incredible brand who sends out a great message and I’m so glad to be even the teeny-tiniest bit of a part from reading the magazine and listening to the radio station.

I am a fun, fearless female. I practice safe sun. Thank you, Cosmo.

When Facebook fan pages and Twitter became super popular and the shows got involved with them, so did we, the listeners. I knew there were other listeners, obviously. But once there was a fan page for the morning show and Patrick’s show got a Twitter account, all of the listeners could come together. Now people call in and many times we recognize them because we’ve created this family through social media.

Sure, it might sound weird. But it’s amazing. It’s fake life. In this fake life there is no pressure, no drama, no confrontation. We’re all just a big part of the Cosmo family and I’m glad to be a part of it. You may call me crazy, I call me (and the thousands of other listeners) lucky. We’re lucky to have this, we’re lucky to have the hosts, we’re lucky to be a part of the brand and we’re just lucky to have each other.

It’s a blast, it makes me laugh. I can’t get through a day without listening. The awesome thing is, it’s not serious. Yes, they cover serious topics but the shows are so laid back and so fun. It makes the really serious days that much more powerful.

Over the years I’ve been listening to Cosmo Radio, they have inspired me to be healthier, take better care of body, evaluate and handle personal situations better and practice safe sun (aka stop tanning). Through them I’ve learned the things I wasn’t taught growing up like how to properly take care of my hair or tips for make-up and skincare. They’ve turned me to amazing products, most recently a drink called Wake Me which has truly has been a life saver.

I’ve also been able to learn more about incredible people that they’ve had in studio. And most of all, through social media have just enjoyed getting to know the hosts on a personal level and trusting them. Also, the listeners. The amazing listeners. We’re truly a part of this Cosmo fam and I’m so happy to be a part of it all.  We have our own inside jokes, vocabulary words, phrases, etc. It’s fun and I especially love the chance for girls to get inside the male mind. And in return, guys can really learn a lot about us when listening.

I can’t wait to travel to NYC and meet everyone. I hope this explains things better. I’m okay that with all the people I know, I’m the only one that “gets it.” It’s like this hidden gem. But I’m sure the listeners would agree if everyone listened, the world would be a better place. They open up reality to what it really is. It’s fake life.

7 thoughts on “My Love for Fake Life…aka Cosmo Radio

  1. I have to say that this describes cosmo listerners to a tee, or at least the ones I’ve “met”. I’ve never been in a community at all until CosmoRadio and it’s the most supportive group. When we have triumphs and we share them on the FB page or on twitter we have people to share that with who are so genuine. If someone is picking on one of us or Tay and Kenny then we defend each other.
    I think that if more women were like the women I’ve befriended since listening to CosmoRadio than girls wouldn’t get sucha catty reputation. I know I not only speak for myself when I say this but I’m so excited for September. Also I feel alot of these friendships that have been cultivated could be ones that last a lifetime. Whats better than that?


  2. Wow thanks girls! Share Cosmo Radio with the world! They need to know how amazing it is. Hello, YB needs marble countertops!


  3. Perfect description! Cosmo Radio has fun entertaining shows hosted by people we all now call our friends and they call us their friends back. But it also has our fake life family of little effers! I never knew so many spectacular, smart, talented, beautiful women existed in this world of cattiness and jealousy and I’m so proud and happy to call you all my gal pals! Cannot WAIT to meet you all this September!!


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