Just Because…

I ran into a situation the other day and I was explaining a decision someone I know is making.  I could tell the person I was talking to was astonished because the decision wouldn’t necessarily benefit them, especially long term, and asked why they would do that then proposed other things. I know, I’m being […]

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Born this Way Album

I got up this morning around 10:30 a.m. (…no reason to get up earlier, I’ll take the sleep) and have been crankin’ Lady Gaga’s Born this Way album all day. I heard some early reports saying it was overproduced. I have to disagree. For starters, it’s Gaga. She always does everything as big as possible. […]

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I just have to get what I saw today out of my head and am writing on pure emotion. But I’ll do my best (Peter Bunket) to stay away from starting sentences with conjunctions. Last night I realized I was on three bars of gas. Which means I’ll need to fill up to make it […]

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