The Last Night of a Long Weekend

The last night of a long weekend. You looked forward to your long weekend so much, and enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps you were busy, or perhaps you relaxed. Either way, it was so incredibly nice to go to bed Sunday night not having to dread going into work the next day.

However, then….there’s the last night of a long weekend.

You go through phases. First, you forget you have to work. Upon remembering, you have mini panic attacks knowing all the fun you’ve had and extra day off has really been, well, amazing.  You stress and stress because you’ve spoiled yourself with the time off.  Then, you realize there’s only four days to the work week.

Not so bad?

…well you remember the night before you stayed up crazy late. So one, you’re not going to go to bed early tonight. And two, it’s going to be awful getting up. Get the coffee cup ready, or whatever you drink to get you going in the A.M.

The grind must go on.  By the time you’re sitting in your car, in the train, or however you transport yourself to work, it’ll all be back to normal. And the memory of the long weekend will fade…until the next time.

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