Life After High School Gets So Much Better

So my little (well, he’s taller than me…)… my younger brother graduated from high school yesterday. As I sat in the gymnasium of my alma mater, while it brought back some good memories, I don’t miss it. Not a single bit. You have to do so much learning as a teenager.  Learning that seems to be the hardest of lessons. When I think about it, college was amazing. Lots of life lessons in high school. Everything is such a big deal then, everything is so serious.

Real life, while serious, isn’t. It’s funny, in school you have all these professors teaching you the proper way to live and present yourself, then you have adults that are just the scum of the earth.

As I sat there, I was able to be sitting in my seat in class or passing through the hallways to my lockers. It’s a cute memory, but one I’m fine with leaving as a memory. So many people are like, “I wish I could have re-done decisions I made in high school.” And with a few exceptions, no, you don’t. Do you really want to go back to high school? Do you really want to have a curfew, rules, and the burden of homework?

….that’s what I thought.

So for all the high school grads, I will say this.

It gets better. So much better. High school paved the way to amazing things.

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