Stress. Gotta love it. It means you’re keeping busy. Well, I’m only half series about the “gotta love it” part.

I just have so much going on in the month of May and things are already building for June.  I feel like I haven’t had a day to sit. After I graduated, I thought I would have all this free time, and now it feels like I have less.

However, I will say this. The only reason why I’m stressed is because I’m so busy. Which means I’m involved. For a second yesterday I thought,

“Urg, wouldn’t it be nice to just be away from everything?” 

Then I thought no. No it wouldn’t. 

If I were away and didn’t have my relationships then I wouldn’t feel complete. Right now I’ve been seeing my family and friends a bit more and also being more involved with Cosmo Radio. (That’s a blog for another day).

While it can be stressful having something on my calendar two to four days out of the week….It’s alright.

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