National Women’s Health Week

I find it a bit ironic that my state has defunded Planned Parenthoodand now it’s National Women’s Health Week.

Image from Healthy Magination Website

Planned Parenthood really gets people’s blood boiling. People are either passionate for it to go away or to keep it in business.

But, no matter how you feel, all women need to stay smart. For those in Indiana who have to use Planned Parenthood for exams, etc., if you’re unable to go there, research and find where you need to go. Don’t get lazy.  So many people tell me there are so many other places to go. I don’t know what or where they are, but they’re out there. Keep up with your exams. It might seem small but it’s so important.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

On another note, with the weather getting closer to summer, I encourage everyone to practice safe sun and check out Cosmo’s Safe Sun Tan Act.  So many women are either unaware of the dangers of tanning beds or choose to go anyway. The wonderful thing about this country is the freedom to do what we want.  Just take into consideration the risks. I haven’t been tanning in years, especially since becoming so into Cosmopolitan (radio and magazine), who talk about it frequently.

In honor of National Women’s Health Week, through Cosmopolitan, let’s all be Fun Fearless Females–keep safe, keep healthy and stay smart.

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