Have You Considered, It’s Not All About You?

You know what I really have noticed? I realize this, think about blogging, then forget. This time I’m not forgetting.

So many people think the world revolved around them. Sometimes it’s selfishly, and other times people just let their mind wonder to a place.

It blows me away how sometimes people just assume a certain situation revolves around them–or something is being directed at them.

You know the truth? It’s hard, here it is…

No one cares. I mean yes, people care. But really, people only care about their situation and people around them. When someone asks you, “How are you?” Do they really care that you were running late to work, spilled coffee all over your pants, your computer crashed and were stuck in traffic?

No. Not at all. We live in a society where, “Fine” and “Good” is the answer we say and what we want to hear.

And even better is how people can totally take a situation that doesn’t even have anything to do with them and make it about them. You’re boss goes into a closed door meeting and  you automatically assumes it’s about you. Or a friend posts a Facebook status you think is a passive aggressive shot at you.

What people don’t realize is thinking that way is just a bad reflection of you. I really try not to do that–and if I do, it never leaves my mind. So while I might be thinking, “Oh crap, are they talking about me?” I keep it in my head.

We’re living in a society that people are thinking things are more and more about them. There is a bigger picture out there. There are people that live a different lifestyle than you. There are different beliefs and views than yours.

It really bothers me when people are so one-minded that they can’t even consider someone else’s thoughts. It’s rude, quite frankly. Even if they’re wrong, it’s what they believe and you should respect it. You aren’t going to change someone elses mind.

After all, could they change yours?

Why can’t people just agree to disagree? Why can’t it be so simple. We live in a free country so speak your mind! Shout it from the roof top! But let someone else speak theirs too.

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