The Last Night of a Long Weekend

The last night of a long weekend. You looked forward to your long weekend so much, and enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps you were busy, or perhaps you relaxed. Either way, it was so incredibly nice to go to bed Sunday night not having to dread going into work the next day. However, then….there’s […]

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Feeling Healthier

Last Monday I started back on a some-what hard core diet. If you want to call it that. But diets fail. In order to lose weight and/or becoming healthier you must change your life. Easier said than done. For me, I’ve been doing bad-habit damage control for the past few years. It hasn’t been easy, […]

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Stress. Gotta love it. It means you’re keeping busy. Well, I’m only half series about the “gotta love it” part. I just have so much going on in the month of May and things are already building for June. ¬†I feel like I haven’t had a day to sit. After I graduated, I thought I […]

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National Women’s Health Week

I find it a bit ironic that my state has defunded Planned Parenthoodand now it’s National Women’s Health Week. Planned Parenthood really gets people’s blood boiling. People are either passionate for it to go away or to keep it in business. But, no matter how you feel, all women need to stay smart. For those […]

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