The Last Night of a Long Weekend

The last night of a long weekend. You looked forward to your long weekend so much, and enjoyed every minute of it. Perhaps you were busy, or perhaps you relaxed. Either way, it was so incredibly nice to go to bed Sunday night not having to dread going into work the next day.

However, then….there’s the last night of a long weekend.

You go through phases. First, you forget you have to work. Upon remembering, you have mini panic attacks knowing all the fun you’ve had and extra day off has really been, well, amazing.  You stress and stress because you’ve spoiled yourself with the time off.  Then, you realize there’s only four days to the work week.

Not so bad?

…well you remember the night before you stayed up crazy late. So one, you’re not going to go to bed early tonight. And two, it’s going to be awful getting up. Get the coffee cup ready, or whatever you drink to get you going in the A.M.

The grind must go on.  By the time you’re sitting in your car, in the train, or however you transport yourself to work, it’ll all be back to normal. And the memory of the long weekend will fade…until the next time.

Life After High School Gets So Much Better

So my little (well, he’s taller than me…)… my younger brother graduated from high school yesterday. As I sat in the gymnasium of my alma mater, while it brought back some good memories, I don’t miss it. Not a single bit. You have to do so much learning as a teenager.  Learning that seems to be the hardest of lessons. When I think about it, college was amazing. Lots of life lessons in high school. Everything is such a big deal then, everything is so serious.

Real life, while serious, isn’t. It’s funny, in school you have all these professors teaching you the proper way to live and present yourself, then you have adults that are just the scum of the earth.

As I sat there, I was able to be sitting in my seat in class or passing through the hallways to my lockers. It’s a cute memory, but one I’m fine with leaving as a memory. So many people are like, “I wish I could have re-done decisions I made in high school.” And with a few exceptions, no, you don’t. Do you really want to go back to high school? Do you really want to have a curfew, rules, and the burden of homework?

….that’s what I thought.

So for all the high school grads, I will say this.

It gets better. So much better. High school paved the way to amazing things.

Feeling Healthier

Last Monday I started back on a some-what hard core diet. If you want to call it that. But diets fail. In order to lose weight and/or becoming healthier you must change your life.

Easier said than done.

For me, I’ve been doing bad-habit damage control for the past few years. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve switched from regular to diet soda, like foods that are healthier, having self-control, exercising (somewhat) regularly, etc.

This week, I started drinking Wake Me that I first learned about from Victoria Henley’s show Cosmo Life. Usually I would drink a soda in the morning for the caffeine, which is gross, I know. I’ve never liked coffee and the hour drive into work kills me.

Since drinking Wake Me in the mornings, I’ve noticed I haven’t really been drinking soda at all. I’ve also really tried to determine and cut out foods that make me feel bad.

There are always days I’m going to mess up. There will be weeks, maybe months, I fall off track. But, like I said, I’ve been doing bad-habit damage control over the last few YEARS. That’s insane. For people who are at the beginning of their bad-habit damage control, I hope you know it’s a long journey but you can do it.

There is no magic pill. You can’t lose 10 pounds in a week. Sure, there are people that do it. If you’re trying to lose weight or just become healthier you have to give it time. Crash diets are called crash diets because you crash. I’ve tried limiting calories to crazy extents, and the only thing that happens is that eventually you starve and eat everything in sight.  All the while, you’re body is actually going into freak out mode and hoarding your calories as it thinks it’s being deprived.

I’m finding this process very gruelling and miserable. To be honest. The steps I’ve taken though have made me feel better. That makes the process a smidge easier because who doesn’t like to feel good?


Stress. Gotta love it. It means you’re keeping busy. Well, I’m only half series about the “gotta love it” part.

I just have so much going on in the month of May and things are already building for June.  I feel like I haven’t had a day to sit. After I graduated, I thought I would have all this free time, and now it feels like I have less.

However, I will say this. The only reason why I’m stressed is because I’m so busy. Which means I’m involved. For a second yesterday I thought,

“Urg, wouldn’t it be nice to just be away from everything?” 

Then I thought no. No it wouldn’t. 

If I were away and didn’t have my relationships then I wouldn’t feel complete. Right now I’ve been seeing my family and friends a bit more and also being more involved with Cosmo Radio. (That’s a blog for another day).

While it can be stressful having something on my calendar two to four days out of the week….It’s alright.

National Women’s Health Week

I find it a bit ironic that my state has defunded Planned Parenthoodand now it’s National Women’s Health Week.

Image from Healthy Magination Website

Planned Parenthood really gets people’s blood boiling. People are either passionate for it to go away or to keep it in business.

But, no matter how you feel, all women need to stay smart. For those in Indiana who have to use Planned Parenthood for exams, etc., if you’re unable to go there, research and find where you need to go. Don’t get lazy.  So many people tell me there are so many other places to go. I don’t know what or where they are, but they’re out there. Keep up with your exams. It might seem small but it’s so important.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

On another note, with the weather getting closer to summer, I encourage everyone to practice safe sun and check out Cosmo’s Safe Sun Tan Act.  So many women are either unaware of the dangers of tanning beds or choose to go anyway. The wonderful thing about this country is the freedom to do what we want.  Just take into consideration the risks. I haven’t been tanning in years, especially since becoming so into Cosmopolitan (radio and magazine), who talk about it frequently.

In honor of National Women’s Health Week, through Cosmopolitan, let’s all be Fun Fearless Females–keep safe, keep healthy and stay smart.